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UK Hot Jocks gives us hardcore gay porn movies in high-quality resolutions with some of the best masculine UK guys around. It’s not just their accents that are sexy, these guys have great bodies, and they were born to show us everything they have, inside as well as out.
The site was started off by two well-known pornstars, JP Dubois and Sam Barclay. Being a gay pornstars, they know exactly what we want, and they give it to us every time. They may not be a couple anymore, but the porn just keeps on coming and cumming, and they also star in a few movies, just not together.
They have managed to get the best of British prime meat and put them all together on one fantastic site. The models are mainly aged in their twenties, but there are a few a little bit older, and they are cumtastic wth daddies drilling their dicks into tight smooth holes, and not stopping until they have emptied their balls all over each other. The other models mostly have well-defined smooth bodies, but some of them are quite muscular, but not overdone. Some of the guys are hairy, some have tats, and these gay jocks are mainly from the UK – therefor the name UKHJ – , there are a lot of uncut cocks getting gently chewed on, and sucked all the way down to their pubes.

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These jock models are a good mix of first-timers, regular stars, and major pornstars like Theo Ford and Darius Ferdynand who have both worked for You will see hot solos where stars like Michael Wyatt play with their hard dicks, and sometimes, like Michael, they use a big dildo up their tight young assholes to help stimulate them. There are also hardcore duos threesomes and some fantastic orgies where there is plenty of cock sucking, ass play, rimming, and close-up shots of ass fucking.
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UK Hot Jocks is full of mainly hot looking British gay guys, but they also have guys from around Europe and America. A lot of these guys have cut cocks, and their balls are just about bursting to be released. This is one site that I can recommend, and if you like a bit of rough play, they also have slings, boot licking, and a bit of dungeon play. There’s just about something for everyone, so cum on in and join the party. Learn more here

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This adult website has been around for a while now and offers us the best gay porn movies in Ultra HD. HD are the best movies around and lets you watch high-class homoseuxal porn movies with the best picture and sound.
Redtube offers us 28,994 hardcore gay movies from solos to wild cum drenched orgies with sometimes eight or nine guys at the same time. The guys in this hot site are a real mix from smooth young twinks to domineering daddies and guys in leather.
The site is people friendly and so easy to use that even my grandma could use it. Although maybe not with gay porn, but hey, who knows?

Besides all the gay movies here, at the bottom of the homepage, there is a list of other related HD gay porn pages to look at such as Gay HD Bareback, Gay Teen HD, Best Gay HD Compilation and a couple of other choices that can help you narrow down your search.
In one movie called ‘Sexy Gay HD Arab Teen’, I watched five smooth, horny Arab stallion twinks experimenting with each other’s tasty young bodies. The close-up action is pretty amazing, especially when they are licking out a smooth asshole. The twinks then suck on each other’s hard cocks until they start fucking each other’s firm assholes. The finally is full of hot cum, and all these twinks get covered in it. I must admit here, I got a bit over excited and started to use the Kleenex even before going to the next movie.
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Gay porn has changed a lot of the years, and it can be found at the touch of a button these days. Many years ago you had to go into a newsagent and pick up a magazine in the hope that you won’t be seen. Now though, you can watch it all at home by yourself, or better still, with a group of other guys. For most homosexual porn movies, you can even watch them on your tablets, or your mobile phones these days. These lets us let out our frustrations at work, or even down your local bar, or even in a public toilet.

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A long time ago In a galaxy far, far away, this gay parody adult site filmed Hans Solo (although Hans has never been solo as he has always had Chubacca to give him a hand, or whatever, whenever he wants) getting caught by two hunky star troopers for. This is a series made for our top site ‘Super Gay Hero’ to proudly show off. This third exciting episode stars Dennis West playing Hans Solo, and a dark mysterious man in a great outfit called Vader.
Star Wars Gay Porn: a gay xxx parody’ is the highest budget series in gay porn parody history ever, according to rumours flying around the net. It has the best men, the best picture and the best sound we’ve seen for a long time. Super Gay Hero really do bring you the hottest porn around today. Anyway, back to the exciting cock-jerking action starring this mystery man. We don’t know who Vader is played by at this point in our story, but one thing we do know is that he has one hell of a thick and juicy dick.
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Dennis West (Hans not-so-Solo) is captured by two hunky storm troopers and taken to Vader for questioning. Vader uses his mystical powers over mind and gets Hans to tell him what he wants first and then, with his storm troopers looking on, he gets Dennis to sit down and suck on his thick long slab of his meaty cock. Under Vader’s control, Dennis can’t and won’t say no. Vader’s star wars cock is so thick that Dennis can hardly get it between his cock-sucking lips. Vader breaths deeply and grunts out in a heightened sense of excitement as he grabs Dennis’s head and forcibly face-fucks him.
As Vader strips Hans naked, his storm troopers get their hard cocks out and jerk them as they watch Vader make Dennis bend over. As he stands up and he strokes Dennis’s waiting ass with his glove covered hands, he strokes his hanging ball sack at the same time. Vader, who is still fully clothed in his sinister outfit stands behind Dennis and inches his fat cock deep into Dennis’s tight asshole. Dennis cries out with a mixture of pain and pleasure as Vader’s gay cock stretches his hole to the very limit and Dennis feels the dark force within. As Vader fucks that tight ass, he slides his hands up and down Dennis’ tingling spine and smacks his ass, letting him know who is in control.

Vader sits down and makes Dennis climb up on to him and impales him on to his cock. Dennis grits his teeth and rides him just like Vader likes it. Vader moans and groans heavily through his mask as he feels Dennis West’s asshole tighter up around his cock and knows he is about to cum. Dennis jerks on his cock and yells out as his cock twitches and his cum spurts out and lands over Vader’s outfit in thick heavy globs. Dark Vader strokes his thick dick and his cum oozes out over Dennis’s smooth chest and down over his black leather gloves.
As Dennis is sent out to collect his friends for Vader, the two horny storm troopers are left to finish themselves off.
Dennis West is a good looking mature man with a slightly hairy body. He is versatile and has an eight and a half inch cut dick, He has brown hair, blue eyes and normally has a beard but is clean shaven in this series. Dennis has starred in seventeen hardcore flicks with parody adult website and is fantastic in the ‘Dirty Uncle Dennis’ series where he gets to fuck some great young assholes.
Vader is a complete mystery, although it has been rumoured that Vader might actually be Paddy O’Brian (I’m not so sure) who is an exclusive star to a gay parody adult site. Vader is from the dark side and loves to fuck his enemy’s and make them scream out with pleasure as his super thick dick squeezes into their tight assholes. Vader has mysterious powers which make people do whatever he orders them to do, and in his spare time, when he is not taking over different worlds, Vader likes to have fun with the storm troopers in the sauna – something which always ends up with cum flying all over sweating hot Star Wars Gay Porn. Who plays Vader? You can work it out for yourself at Super Gay Hero or visit right now.

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I have a friend who loves to have his free videos from He doesn’t see why he should have to pay for it when there is so much of it out there. I have to admit, I agree with him. In fact, he asked me the other day to come and check some of it out with him. ‘Not to have sex though, just watch.’ He said to me. I smiled inwardly and agreed to go to his house. I mean, this guy is so fucking hot, and all though we have been best friends for a couple of years now, he has never asked me to watch porn with him.
Just before I left my apartment I made sure I had the essentials. Lube, condoms, whips, sorry, I was only joking about the last one. I had a good long shower, and even though my cock was rock hard, I managed not to stroke on it. Well, not for too long. Hey! I am a guy after all. Making sure I was well scrubbed, and in all the right places, I cleaned my teeth and walked down the road. The bulge in my pants was all too obvious so I put my rucksack in front of me as I walked. This reminded me of when I went to school. My school bag seemed to be my best friend as it was constantly hiding my young hard erection.
Anyway, I got to his house, we had a beer, and then he typed in ‘gay videos free’ into the keyboard. The room was full of electricity, and I could feel it bouncing between us. I tried not to look between his legs, but when I did, I could see he was excited as me.
We watched a few hardcore gay porno movies, some had twinks, some had athletic men, and some where just wild and crazy orgies. I heard my friend moan with pleasure and as I looked at him, I could see he was rubbing his cock through his pants. Without saying a word, I left him to watch the movies as I got between his legs and unzipped his pants and took them off. His eyes never left the screen as I gobbled on his thick meaty cock which must have been at least eight and a half inches long. I gently squeezed his heavy ball sack, and when I heard him moan out again, I carried on sucking.
As he moaned and groaned, I heard the same noises coming from his computer. I stood up and stripped naked, got on the bed on my hands and knees, and told him to fuck me. He felt his cock piercing through my tight ring piece, and as he banged me from behind, we carried on watching a full length movie until we shot our cum all over the place.
We showered together afterwards, and then as we sat back on the bed, he typed in ‘free videos ‘ once again and, by the end of the day, my packet of condoms was empty, and my asshole was glowing. The reason for this story is to let you know that’s it’s better to watch gay porn from with a friend than by yourself. Who knows what’s going to pop up?

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What do two straight young men do at home when their girlfriends have gone out shopping together? film Liam Riley and exclusive star Jacob Dixon for ‘Gay Twink Porn’ to see what happens when the games finish, and the fun begins.
gay-twink-boysLiam Rileys and Jacob Dixon are sat on the couch playing computer twink games. Jacob beats Liam and, as he gloats over his win, Liam puts his hands between his legs. Jacob jumps up and asks his best friend what he is up to. Liam then tells him to relax a bit, it’s not all about self-control, it’s about getting out of control and persuades Jacob to let him try and suck his cock. Jacob is very unsure about it all, but Liam is a persuasive slut.
Liam smiles up at Jacob as he pulls his pants down and sees his gay cock is rock hard already. Just the talk of Liam sucking his cock has got him hard. Liam wraps his hands around the base of his cock, as he licks it up and down before he takes it in his warm wet mouth and starts to suck. Jacob sighs with pleasure as he feels his cock getting sucked and Liam’s warm hand gently squeezing his dangling ball sack. Jacob admits that it’s fucking good as Liam deep throats his seven inch cock all the way to its roots.
Jacob-DixonLiam pulls his shorts down and strokes on his cock at the same time as he sucks on Jacob’s cock. Jacob admits it’s about the best blow job, in all his gay twink videos, he has ever been given. Liam leans back on the couch after persuading Jacob to suck on his dick in return. Jacob touches his cock with some apprehension and starts off my licking the head of his cock all around. Liam tells him step by step how to suck on it, and pretty soon, Jacob is getting into it and enjoying its sweet musky taste.

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Even after starring in 41 hardcore movies, as an all exclusive star to, Will Braun still has the sweet innocent look in his soft blue eyes. He looks more like a college kid than he does a porn star, and that is what makes him so popular. Will is a versatile young man with a smooth lean body with a seven inch cut cock and a nine set of balls directly underneath. Will has brown hair, blue eyes and is five feet six inches tall.

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Robert Axle has been promoted to a professional football player and, by accident, he came out to everyone at the same time; he kissed his boyfriend Brenner Bolton in episode 1. This was caught on camera by and proudly shown by ‘Drill My Hole.’

In this hardcore, interracial episode, Robert Axle has finished his training session and gone back to the locker room, which smells strongly of used jock straps, man sweat, and different kinds of after shaves. More than enough to get those juices flowing, and this is all before a hint of dick. Robert is surprised when he opens his locker and a whole load of things come tumbling out, including a huge long pink dildo. As he bends over in those tight pants Darin Silvers, the team captain, enters the room in his football outfit and sees Robert holding the huge dildo. He asks him what is going on. Robert explains nervously that this isn’t his stuff, and Darin finds it hard not to laugh as he tells him that the team did all this to welcome him into their club.
As they chat in the locker room Robert asks Darin if he is hitting on him. Darin answers him by stuttering a no, but as he is the team captain, he needs to tell Robert what position he should be playing in. With a sexy grin, Darin tells him that his positon should be on his knees in front of him.
Darin doesn’t need telling twice, he squats onto the bench as Darin undoes his football pants and releases his cock into Robert’s warm hands and wet mouth. After sucking on his seven inch white dick for a while Robert all of a sudden panics in case anyone else comes in. Darin tells him not to worry, as he guessed this was going to happen, He tells him he has locked the doors, so carry on sucking.
Darin then takes his football top off and pulls Robert’s shorts down just below his heavy ball sack and sucks on Robert’s big black dick as he stands up against the lockers. Robert’s cock throbs in Darin’s mouth and before things finish too early, He asks his captain, Darin Silvers to fuck his ass.
Robert bends over where he stands, naked from the waist up, and his pants wrapped around his knees as Darin gets behind him and rolls on a condom. Darin’s pants are also round his knees, but that doesn’t stop him as he jerks his hips forward and scores a try as his cock slams right into Roberts sweet black ass and he ploughs into him hard and fast as if he in a hurry to reach his goal.
They change positions, but before they do, thy take their pants off, and Robert climbs on top of Darin’s thick dick, and rides him with his football boots and socks still on. Robert Axel then lies on his back with his legs up and spread as Darin keeps on drilling his dick into him time and time again.
Robert and Darin Silvers then stand up, and side by side they jerk on their own cocks until cum spurts out in thick creamy streams, and lands all over the floor, and their football boots below them.
Darin Silvers is a versatile top who, in a recent interview admitted that he loves rough sex, and the rougher the better. Darin is cute with a smooth lean body and a seven inch circumcised cock. He is five feet ten inches tall, and has blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Darin has starred in six hardcore movies for ( for links to the videos , check out their twitter page ), and in his next movie, he stars with four other footballers in the locker room for a fantastic cum filled orgy in ‘Football DL Part 3.’
Robert Axel is a handsome ebony hunk with broad powerful shoulders and a smooth chest which ripples with muscles. He is a six foot two inch giant with a tight buns and a seven and a half inch cut dick. Robert has starred in Eight hardcore movies with and loves to be stuck in the middle of an orgy like, ‘The Gay Dating Game’ which turns into a great orgy full of fresh hot cum.

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This sitedelve into the world of politics thanks to the website who film two young conservatives, Tommy Regan and Will Braun, going wild as they have sex in a hotel room. It’s their first porn-paring, their first time together.
Will Braun and Tommy Regan are on the streets campaigning for the strict Conservatives party in their suits and hats. No one else is around, and as the weather turns bad, they decide to give it up and go back to their hotel room. Will Braun starts to take his clothes off, and Tommy tries hard not to look at him but Will catches him looking. As they start talking, they both realize that they are both gay, but it has to be kept in the closet because of their strict parents.
They are both gagging for a bit of cock and they agree not to tell anyone about it as Will leans in and kisses Tommy on his soft young lips. Tommy undoes does his shirt but keeps his tie on as Will almost rips Tommy’s pants off in the hurry to feel his warm hard cock in the palm of his hand. Tommy leans with his back against the head board, and his legs spread open as Will bends over and takes his seven inch cock into his mouth and starts sucking. Tommy thrusts his hips up making his cock touch the back of Will’s throat as he slowly face fucks him back. Will, who also stills has his shirt open and tie on, stands up on the bed, and the camera zooms in as Tommy sucks on his cock and fondles his heavy dangling balls sack at the same time. Will grabs a hold of Tommy’s head and forces him to suck his cock right down to his pubes.
These two young conservatives haven’t had sex for so long that it doesn’t take long before Will sits down on the bed and Tommy climbs aboard his rock hard dick, and let’s his asshole sink down slowly until the whole lot is sunk deep into his smooth tight crack. It’s hard not to get mesmerized as Tommy bounces up and down as he rides that cock, and his own hard dick bounces up and down with him slapping against his hard stomach.

Will Braun and Tommy Regan go wild all over the bed as Will fucks Tommy hard and fast in different positions. Tommy gets fucked on his hands and knees, and then as he jerks on his aching hard dick whilst getting pounded in the missionary position, he cries out as his hot cum explodes out of his throbbing dick and sprays his smooth body. Will pulls his dick out and he watches as his cum jets out and mixes in with Tommy’s fresh load.
Tommy Regan is a super cute young man with a smooth hard chest and a seven inch cut dick. He is five feet seven inches tall with brown hair and sexy hazel eyes. He is a keen and eager power bottom and gets fucked any chance he gets, on and off the camera. Tommy has starred in five hardcore movies for a page since his first movie back in October 2015, in, ‘Stealth Fuckers Part 3’, where he sits and rides Landon Mycles rock hard dick.