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Robert Axle has been promoted to a professional football player and, by accident, he came out to everyone at the same time; he kissed his boyfriend Brenner Bolton in episode 1. This was caught on camera by and proudly shown by ‘Drill My Hole.’

In this hardcore, interracial episode, Robert Axle has finished his training session and gone back to the locker room, which smells strongly of used jock straps, man sweat, and different kinds of after shaves. More than enough to get those juices flowing, and this is all before a hint of dick. Robert is surprised when he opens his locker and a whole load of things come tumbling out, including a huge long pink dildo. As he bends over in those tight pants Darin Silvers, the team captain, enters the room in his football outfit and sees Robert holding the huge dildo. He asks him what is going on. Robert explains nervously that this isn’t his stuff, and Darin finds it hard not to laugh as he tells him that the team did all this to welcome him into their club.
As they chat in the locker room Robert asks Darin if he is hitting on him. Darin answers him by stuttering a no, but as he is the team captain, he needs to tell Robert what position he should be playing in. With a sexy grin, Darin tells him that his positon should be on his knees in front of him.
Darin doesn’t need telling twice, he squats onto the bench as Darin undoes his football pants and releases his cock into Robert’s warm hands and wet mouth. After sucking on his seven inch white dick for a while Robert all of a sudden panics in case anyone else comes in. Darin tells him not to worry, as he guessed this was going to happen, He tells him he has locked the doors, so carry on sucking.
Darin then takes his football top off and pulls Robert’s shorts down just below his heavy ball sack and sucks on Robert’s big black dick as he stands up against the lockers. Robert’s cock throbs in Darin’s mouth and before things finish too early, He asks his captain, Darin Silvers to fuck his ass.
Robert bends over where he stands, naked from the waist up, and his pants wrapped around his knees as Darin gets behind him and rolls on a condom. Darin’s pants are also round his knees, but that doesn’t stop him as he jerks his hips forward and scores a try as his cock slams right into Roberts sweet black ass and he ploughs into him hard and fast as if he in a hurry to reach his goal.
They change positions, but before they do, thy take their pants off, and Robert climbs on top of Darin’s thick dick, and rides him with his football boots and socks still on. Robert Axel then lies on his back with his legs up and spread as Darin keeps on drilling his dick into him time and time again.
Robert and Darin Silvers then stand up, and side by side they jerk on their own cocks until cum spurts out in thick creamy streams, and lands all over the floor, and their football boots below them.
Darin Silvers is a versatile top who, in a recent interview admitted that he loves rough sex, and the rougher the better. Darin is cute with a smooth lean body and a seven inch circumcised cock. He is five feet ten inches tall, and has blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Darin has starred in six hardcore movies for ( for links to the videos , check out their twitter page ), and in his next movie, he stars with four other footballers in the locker room for a fantastic cum filled orgy in ‘Football DL Part 3.’
Robert Axel is a handsome ebony hunk with broad powerful shoulders and a smooth chest which ripples with muscles. He is a six foot two inch giant with a tight buns and a seven and a half inch cut dick. Robert has starred in Eight hardcore movies with and loves to be stuck in the middle of an orgy like, ‘The Gay Dating Game’ which turns into a great orgy full of fresh hot cum.