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A long time ago In a galaxy far, far away, this gay parody adult site filmed Hans Solo (although Hans has never been solo as he has always had Chubacca to give him a hand, or whatever, whenever he wants) getting caught by two hunky star troopers for. This is a series made for our top site ‘Super Gay Hero’ to proudly show off. This third exciting episode stars Dennis West playing Hans Solo, and a dark mysterious man in a great outfit called Vader.
Star Wars Gay Porn: a gay xxx parody’ is the highest budget series in gay porn parody history ever, according to rumours flying around the net. It has the best men, the best picture and the best sound we’ve seen for a long time. Super Gay Hero really do bring you the hottest porn around today. Anyway, back to the exciting cock-jerking action starring this mystery man. We don’t know who Vader is played by at this point in our story, but one thing we do know is that he has one hell of a thick and juicy dick.
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Dennis West (Hans not-so-Solo) is captured by two hunky storm troopers and taken to Vader for questioning. Vader uses his mystical powers over mind and gets Hans to tell him what he wants first and then, with his storm troopers looking on, he gets Dennis to sit down and suck on his thick long slab of his meaty cock. Under Vader’s control, Dennis can’t and won’t say no. Vader’s star wars cock is so thick that Dennis can hardly get it between his cock-sucking lips. Vader breaths deeply and grunts out in a heightened sense of excitement as he grabs Dennis’s head and forcibly face-fucks him.
As Vader strips Hans naked, his storm troopers get their hard cocks out and jerk them as they watch Vader make Dennis bend over. As he stands up and he strokes Dennis’s waiting ass with his glove covered hands, he strokes his hanging ball sack at the same time. Vader, who is still fully clothed in his sinister outfit stands behind Dennis and inches his fat cock deep into Dennis’s tight asshole. Dennis cries out with a mixture of pain and pleasure as Vader’s gay cock stretches his hole to the very limit and Dennis feels the dark force within. As Vader fucks that tight ass, he slides his hands up and down Dennis’ tingling spine and smacks his ass, letting him know who is in control.

Vader sits down and makes Dennis climb up on to him and impales him on to his cock. Dennis grits his teeth and rides him just like Vader likes it. Vader moans and groans heavily through his mask as he feels Dennis West’s asshole tighter up around his cock and knows he is about to cum. Dennis jerks on his cock and yells out as his cock twitches and his cum spurts out and lands over Vader’s outfit in thick heavy globs. Dark Vader strokes his thick dick and his cum oozes out over Dennis’s smooth chest and down over his black leather gloves.
As Dennis is sent out to collect his friends for Vader, the two horny storm troopers are left to finish themselves off.
Dennis West is a good looking mature man with a slightly hairy body. He is versatile and has an eight and a half inch cut dick, He has brown hair, blue eyes and normally has a beard but is clean shaven in this series. Dennis has starred in seventeen hardcore flicks with parody adult website and is fantastic in the ‘Dirty Uncle Dennis’ series where he gets to fuck some great young assholes.
Vader is a complete mystery, although it has been rumoured that Vader might actually be Paddy O’Brian (I’m not so sure) who is an exclusive star to a gay parody adult site. Vader is from the dark side and loves to fuck his enemy’s and make them scream out with pleasure as his super thick dick squeezes into their tight assholes. Vader has mysterious powers which make people do whatever he orders them to do, and in his spare time, when he is not taking over different worlds, Vader likes to have fun with the storm troopers in the sauna – something which always ends up with cum flying all over sweating hot Star Wars Gay Porn. Who plays Vader? You can work it out for yourself at Super Gay Hero or visit right now.